Recent customer enhancements

See the most up-to-date information on the upgrades we’ve made to our online systems, and what new features we’ll be rolling out soon.

December 2018

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August 2018

 Updated final audit statement
At the end of your policy term, we conduct a review, known as a premium audit, to ensure that your premium accurately reflects your actual payroll and business operations. Based on customer feedback, we've added a new section on the final audit statement that provides a clearer explanation of how we calculate your final estimated billing adjustment.

Agents, take a look at our updated final audit statement so you can see what you and your clients can expect.

We’ll continue to share news of our enhancements that make doing business with us even better. As always, contact us or your agent with any questions.

 New online reporting of catastrophic injuries
In the event your workplace experiences a catastrophic injury, we've made it easier for you to report the incident to us. You can now use our injury reporting tool online at to answer some questions about the incident and get assigned a claim number right away, allowing us to better serve you and your employees. We recommend logging into your account, so that you can quickly choose class codes already established with your policy.

 New credit statement and process
Last fall, we announced a new credit statement process to help streamline billing and payments. We've been listening to feedback since we rolled out this change and are working toward improving this option for our policyholders. Read about the current process below and stay tuned for upcoming improvements.

If we determine your account has a credit, then we will apply that credit to any future invoices. You will receive a letter in the mail, and you will be able to see the credit reflected in account history on

Agents will not receive a copy of the credit statement sent to their client, but they can view account details in

Credits will be applied to any outstanding invoices that are due. Any remaining credit will be applied to future invoices or to request the remaining credit be sent to them, policyholders can simply email us at and we’ll quickly issue payment.

 12 month installment billing plan
For eligible applicants, policy premium will now be paid in 12 monthly installments, with the first installment due by the policy effective date. This plan has replaced our 15 percent down installment payment plan.

 Payroll reporting by location or class code
We have added the option to assign payroll by class codes in a consolidated format. This new functionality is not applicable for PEOs, as they must report by location. Policyholders will still have the option to report by location, if they prefer to do so.

 Policyholder Document Center
Policyholders told us that they would like easier access to policy documents through their Texas Mutual Online (TMO) account. Earlier this month, we debuted a new feature in TMO called Document Center.

To access the new Document Center, log into, select Policy and then choose Documents from the dropdown menu.

In Document Center, you can now view, print or save documents such as policies, policy changes, policy cancellations and documents for other states policies. Customers can access up to five years of history on the page.

 No more installment fees
We are no longer charging installment fees to policyholders enrolled in installment billing. This makes our convenient installment option even more economical for business owners.

 Other states combined billing
We’ve simplified billing for our Texas Mutual policyholders who have policies in other states. Instead of receiving two invoices, policyholders will now receive one combined invoice if both policies are on the same payment plan. Customers will be able to view other states billing information in their Texas Mutual Online account as well.